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The Studio

Fees & Dues

  • A one-time registration fee is required when a student first signs up for lessons.
  • Monthly tuition is due in advance on the first lesson of each month.
  • Tuition is divided into equal monthly installments based on the number of lesson weeks provided across fall and spring semester.  Therefore, the same tuition amount is due in a month with four scheduled lessons (e.g. Sept) as those with only two (e.g. June). See Summer Lessons in next section.
  • Tuition is already pre-adjusted to account for student absence, such as sickness, during the year. No other adjustment to tuition is allowed.
  • A tuition bill will be provided to each student once a month and will include the next month’s tuition and any music purchased for the student.
  • If a student is sick or misses the first lesson of the month, the tuition is still due the first week of the month. Therefore, the tuition check should either be dropped off or mailed to instructor’s home.
  • A $10.00 late fee will be assessed if tuition is not received by due date (first lesson of each month).
  • If a check is returned for any reason, the parent/student will need to pay teacher the tuition in cash for that month and any applicable return check fee the teacher incurs.