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The Studio

From Parents and Students

"My kids have loved learning piano from Jennifer Scott.  Jennifer works with each student individually to understand the areas where they are strong and areas where they can grow.  She ensures that her students are well-rounded and incorporates theory, sight reading, and performance in every lesson.  Jennifer selects pieces for students that reflect their individual personality and preferences and makes learning music fun.  Jennifer's love of music and teaching is evident in every lesson.  I have seen tremendous growth in my children during their first year of taking lessons with Jennifer - from fluency in sight reading and theory to playing with expression and discovering the joy that comes from music.  Jennifer is committed to helping her students be successful and she knows that students learn differently.  When my daughter was struggling with a piece, Jennifer came up with a strategy to help her overcome the barriers she was facing so that she could be successful.  Jennifer is extremely organized and gives updates to parents on how every student is progressing.  She motivates. encourages and celebrates her students and rewards them for their accomplishments.  I appreciate Jennifer so much and highly recommend her!" ~ Parent

"Jennifer Scott began teaching my eldest son twelve years ago and since that time has given all four of my children a solid foundation and love for music that has far surpassed even our greatest expectations.  Her ability to teach in performance and theory while considering the personality of each student in music selection as they become more advanced and cheering them on toward doing their very best even when they become discouraged is just touching the surface of trying to explain what an amazing teacher she is.  I have seen her guide each of my children over humps in their learning, and they all wanted to give it their all because of their love and respect for her as a teacher.  Her students not only learn how to play beautifully, but they learn to love music and learn perseverance and determination. The life skills that my children have learned and the love of music that they have gained through Mrs. Scott's teaching are a gift they can carry all throughout their lives and something for which we, as a family, are truly grateful." ~ Parent

"The thing that has impressed me the most about Jennifer's teaching method is that she focuses on children learning to read music - not just copy what the teacher does by rote. To often teachers teach children to memorize by copying patterns without ever learning to read the notes. These skills will last a lifetime. Jennifer has a pleasant attitude that makes my children want to try. They actually look forward to their lessons! Jennifer takes the time to find what motivates each child. My child is a history buff, so she goes out of her way to include history over the composers into the lessons. This makes the lessons come alive." ~ Parent

"My daughter has received a great foundation in technique, note-reading, and music theory in her first year of lessons under her tutelage.  She wisely adapts lessons to nudge my daughter to work on her weaker skills in ways that are fun and engaging.  She uses a different genre of music to interest and challenge her students.  I appreciate her patent and encouraging methods." ~ Parent

"Mrs. Scott has always been the kindest teacher and is truly a good friend.  She never fails to inspire, encourage, and motivate me to do my very best.  I cannot think of a better teacher, and I am honored to be one of her students." ~ Student

"In all my life, I have never known a person who has such enthusiasm for piano and dedication to her students.  When I first met Mrs. Scott, I was a bit nervous and shy.  But, she was so welcoming, and over time I got to know her better.  She has a very positive personality, and whenever we walk into her house, we are always greeted with a smile.  She cares for her students and always makes sure they are confident about their pieces.  Once, when I was struggling with a piece, Mrs. Jennifer Scott sent me a packet, full of drilling spots I should work on and notes on what to look out for.  It really helped me and opened my eyes to how much personal time she puts into helping her students and making sure they feel good with their pieces.  To her, her students are like her second family, and she does everything she can to help us learn, grow, and love music in every way." ~ Student

"Mrs. Jennifer Scott is one of the friendliest people I have ever met.  She loves to help you with any piece she gives you, without being too harsh or strict.  Piano is her passion and she gives her attention toward all her students, including her two sons that also take piano. Practicing may not seem as stressful with Mrs. Scott, but she does expect at least 5 days a week of practicing.  You may earn awards or prizes for working hard in piano or participating in music festivals.  I have recently finished my first year in piano, and I am already impressed with Mrs. Scott's ability to teach kids.  I recommend her as your piano teacher for her love toward her students, and her passion for her art." ~ Student

"Mrs. Scott is a really fun teacher because she lets me play fun games that help me learn very well.  I like having her as my teacher.  She's very nice.  I hope I'll be her student for a very long time.  I love Mrs. Scott." ~ Student

"I couldn't be happier with Mrs. Scott as my piano teacher. She teaches both piano performance and music theory with humor and patience and she's always willing to take extra time to help a student in any way she can.  I can highly recommend her to both beginners and advanced students." ~ Student