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The Studio

From Parents

"The thing that has impressed me the most about Jennifer's teaching method is that she focuses on children learning to read music - not just copy what the teacher does by rote. To often teachers teach children to memorize by copying patterns without ever learning to read the notes. These skills will last a lifetime. Jennifer has a pleasant attitude that makes my children want to try. They actually look forward to their lessons! Jennifer takes the time to find what motivates each child. My child is a history buff, so she goes out of her way to include history over the composers into the lessons. This makes the lessons come alive."

- Parent of Early Intermediate / Late Intermediate Students

"My daughter has received a great foundation in technique, note-reading, and music theory in her first year of lessons under Jenny's tutelage. She wisely adapts lessons to nudge my daughter to work on her weaker skills in ways that are fun and engaging. Jenny uses different genre of music to interest and challenge her students. I appreciate her patient and encouraging methods"

- Parent of Early Beginner Student

From Students

"Mrs. Scott is a really fun teacher because she lets me play fun games that help me learn very well. I like having her as my teacher. She's very nice. I hope I'll be her student for a very long time. I love Mrs. Scott"

- Beginner Student

I really like to go see Mrs. Jennifer - she is nice and makes me feel like I am doing well."

- Late Intermediate Student

"I couldn't be happier with Jennifer as my piano teacher. She teaches both piano performance and music theory with humor and patience and she's always willing to take extra time to help a student in any way that she can. I can highly recommend her to both beginners and advanced students."

- Adult Student