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The Studio

Piano Lessons

  • Piano Lessons are broken into three (3) semesters: Fall (Sept to mid-December), Spring (Jan to mid-June), and Summer (mid-June to August)
  • Individual piano lessons will be held on a weekly basis for forty-five minutes or one hour (as decided upon by instructor and parent / student). 
  • Students should arrive on time and be prepared with all music materials.
  • Lessons consist of a balance between piano performance, sight reading, theory training, and student achievements.
  • Repertoire will be selected that is appropriate to the student’s level of proficiency.
  • Parents are encouraged to drop the students off on time and pick them up promptly after the lesson. Parents are also welcome to observe lessons so they may assist with piano practice at home.

Summer Lessons

  • Summer lessons are provided during the months of mid-June through August.
  • Summer lessons are encouraged to help with the continued learning process with piano. It makes for a smooth transition back into fall lessons.
  • For your convenience during the summer months, I allow parents and students to select a program for piano lessons:
    • 4 Week Summer Lesson Program (4 lessons within the summer)
    • 6 Week Summer Lesson Program (6 lessons within the summer)
    • 8 Week Summer Lesson Program (8 lessons within the summer). This program allows for 2-3 weeks of no piano during summer.
  • Once you select your summer program, instructor will work with each student on the days and time for lessons, trying to be flexible to vacations and time away for summer break.
  • For the 4 and 6 Week Summer Lesson Program, tuition must be made in full at the first week in July.
  • For the 8 Week Summer Lessons Program, tuition will be split into 2 equal installments (payable at the first week in July and first week in August of current year).
  • Any lessons missed as part of a student’s summer program will not be carried over into the next semester.

Group Lessons

  • Group lessons will be provided once or twice a year, depending on the schedule.
  • Group lessons are a free service offered to all piano students and will usually be held on either a Saturday or Sunday.
  • Group lessons give students the opportunity to play in front of other students and to improve their performance skills.
  • The experience allows each student to express their “best practice” in piano performance, sight reading, theory training, and it will help to increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Additional Services

  • Free one-hour introductory meeting for new students and parents. This meeting allows the instructor to provide an overview of the studio policies and procedures and hear the student perform on the piano.
  • Lesson preparation will be made by instructor that targets the specific needs of each individual student (classical performance, jazz studies, theory, sight reading).
  • Group lessons are a free service offered to all students.
  • Special audio recordings of student music may be provided in lessons. All audio recordings are saved so students can listen and evaluate their progress in their music.
  • Free accessibility to a piano magazine ~ “Clavier”. Students may check out this magazine for one week.
  • A repertoire sheet will be provided yearly to each individual student.